by katharinecambridge

Hey, that’s me! Or at least it was a few days ago.

Besides attending class, I have also been exploring the many, MANY shops of Cambridge. I’ve already found a fudge place that gives out a different sample every day. “We make it righ’ ova thea, on that slab.” Two days since discovery = I’ve tried chocolate and original toffee.

As for the clothing shops, everything is floral and lace and dresses and English flags. I keep telling myself “looking is as fun as buying. Looking is as fun as buying.” I did go to TK Maxx to buy a really nice rain jacket for Edinburgh, (35 pounds, marked from 119, thankyouverymuch) but it’s not the same as a rose iPhone case and a teacup decorated for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Shops upon shops are filled with clothes like this.

Okay that’s it. I have to try one of these on. Pounds (both kinds) be damned!

Cute, but not quite right. (A little puffy in the middle). Also, this the expression I have when I realize I’ve become someone who takes pictures of themselves in dressing rooms and puts those pictures on a blog. It’s a blend of shock, embarrassment, and acceptance.

This store was the ultimate. Go to their website and drool with me. Unbelievable.

This is not the last you will see of me, cute stores! I’m still surveying the territory heavily before making any decisions.

This weekend (starting tomorrow) I’ll be in Edinburgh, Scotland, hiking in Killin and going to the national gallery. I’ll only get to write that sentence once in my life, and I just did. Wow. I’m not bringing my laptop, so the next update will be Monday. 🙂