Oxford, Day Two

I woke up to a much sunnier Oxford on my second day, which made my morning walk around the Magdalen College deer park so beautiful.

That building on the left is where C.S. Lewis lived when he was a professor.

I then wandered back into the Covered Market for a delicious-yet-simple-vegetarian-sausage-sandwich, washed down with an article about a British comedian who refuses to record his shows. If only I was still here for his UK tour…

Sandwich here.

Article here.

Then I walked to the Pitt Rivers and Natural History Museums, where ‘Lewis Carroll’ used to take Alice Liddell and company to look at the birds and dinosaurs. If it’s good enough for Alice, it’s good enough for me!

Soon it would be overrun with screaming children and inwardly screaming parents.

They still have the dodo bird that Lewis and Alice likely saw on their trips here!

I saw the skeleton of a colossal animal, and thought “My God, what a great and terrible beast once walked the earth!” only to check the plaque and see that it was an African Elephant…oops. I did see this skull, which was also massive but definitely from a long-ago creature. I’ve never heard of Deinotherium, but apparently it was a cousin of the elephant whose tusks grew from bottom teeth instead of top teeth.

Click ‘n read!

The rest of my day was spent doing more serious shopping. I found this store tucked away in an alley near Exeter College and spent probably 45 minutes touching and admiring everything. As the Australians say about something authentic, it was the “dinky dee.” Italian notebooks, miniature hot air balloons, ink jars and feather pens…

So many knick knacks for my literary, adventurous, romantic life!

A 1920’s graduating class of boys from Exeter College. J.R.R. Tolkien was once a boy like this.

Let’s inspect. I like front and center.

They had many portraits on the walls of old students, all reminding me of this website:


It was a struggle not to buy one of these clipboards. The final, devastating piece of logic I used against myself was that I’ve never once used a clipboard at home.

At the Oxford Castle, I stumbled across a Krispy Kreme! Further proof that the world is flat. Reader, I ate one.

Before I took the bus back home to Cambridge, I climbed the University Church of St. Mary, which has one of the best views of the city. It was under construction, but there were some newly attached metal stairs which lead to the winding staircase of the tower. Don’t tell my mom, but I was scairt to climb up!

But oh, it was worth it.