Punting on the River

by katharinecambridge

Last week a few friends and I borrowed a boat from King’s college and punted on the Cam.

Before coming to Cambridge, I associated punting with this action:

But to punt is a verb for pushing a boat down the river. We sat in Catherine of Cambridge. Fitting!

The River Cam wraps around the left side of Cambridge, and many of the colleges have gardens that open onto its banks.

Here’s a map of the city; the blue line is the river.

We floated down the river as the sun set and into the night, past Kings and St John’s and restaurants and fellow punters. My friend Claire brought her ukelele and we all sang. Moon River, Let it Be, Puff the Magic Dragon, Wagon Wheel, I’ve Just Seen a Face…I loved it so much. And we got many compliments from listeners!

It’s good to be young and singing along a river.