About the Blog

This is Katharine’s blog for her 2012 UK Summer. (That’s me)

I am spending eight weeks at Pembroke College, Cambridge. I will be taking classes, going on trips to Edinburgh, Stone Henge, Charleston, and London, finding friends, indulging in wistful sighs as I gaze into the sunset, and drinking glasses of beer at pubs even though I don’t like beer because I can, damn-it-all!

When I told my friend Avery about my blog, she said she expected (with delight!) some usual Katharine-esque “What is Life?” questioning. In her words: “What is…the meaning of…it all? And why?”

She’s right, I will likely sneak some of that on here. Which means you might not be able to tell me apart from C. S. Lewis, now that I’m no longer driving a volvo down a California country road.

Oh, the silliness already abounds!