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Arrived at the Windermere


Snapshot from the airporter over the Golden Gate Bridge. The reflection on the glass window adds artsy confusion to an otherwise typical car photo. Is that arch the one behind me, or the one in front of me?

I’ve arrived at the Windermere Hotel – a sweet small place of 20 rooms – after a pleasant flight and a pleasanter bus ride through London.

Is this where I’m staying?

…it is! Oh, I have such a lovely mommy for finding this place for me!

On the airplane I sat next to a middle-age British couple who both had such strong accents, I had trouble understanding them! When our dinners arrived, they ordered pot roast and beer while I had the vegetarian option…”bit small, i’n’t it?” But lots of laughing and good-naturedness between us. And hot chocolate for dessert! I was so obviously hapless through the whole flight, dropping plastic cutlery and fumbling with my television, that one of the attendants started calling me “Honey” by the end. “Honey, you’ve got to put your blanket away, we’re landing and you can’t have anything on your lap. There you are.”

Virgin Atlantic has an unbelievable selection of movies, and I had great fun reading all of their descriptions in the pamphlet. They were written in such a British, humorous, manner, that I had to wrote a couple favorites down.

Twilight, Breaking Dawn Part 1: …whether you think it is a matter of life and death or charmingly loony entertainment may well depend on your mileage, but Twilight continues to be a must-see spectacle.

We Bought a Zoo:  …despite having no idea what he’s doing, David decides to run the zoo. Having Scarlett Johansson as the head zookeeper is no doubt something of an incentive, of course.

The Bridge: …an edge-of-your-seat crime series with more twists and turns than a plate of spaghetti bolognese, and the TV show that everybody’s talking about right now.

After a few movies I watched a documentary about Britain’s Diamond Jubilee Queen, Elizabeth II. Her reign has seen eleven different prime ministers!

There’s Elizabeth II in her twenties. But who is that with her? Just kidding! Photo courtesy of royalwatcher.tumblr.com

It was interesting to listen to English historians reference King Edward VIII’s abdication of the throne, since in America his decision is always part of the larger love story between him and American socialite Wallis Simpson. Different men and women who did not personally know the Queen talked about the “betrayal” she must have felt over her uncle’s “debauchery with a twice-divorced American.” “A royal nightmare,” etc. Goodness! I didn’t know that a nine-year-old Elizabeth could have felt betrayal over their marriage, which ultimately lasted until Edward’s death. It makes Kim Kardashian look like, well, Kim Kardashian. Times have changed!

Uncle Edward VIII during WWI. I’d try to make him marry me, too. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Anyway, my hotel is beautiful and I can’t wait another moment before I jump into the shower and then jump into my cheddar cheese ploughman’s sandwich. Also, where can I get Turkish delight in this town?

One view from my room. Spoiled.


Goodbye, Dome!

Off to England I go! Where the real hobbit houses began…